V. Yeremenko To the Question about the Unitization of Descriptions of Monuments and Memorable Places to the Victims of Great Famine in Ukraine

В статті проаналізовано стан описів пам’ятників та пам’ятних знаків жертвам Голодомору в Україні, сформульовано пропозиції щодо уніфікації таких описів.
Ключові слова: Україна; пам’ятники і пам’ятні знаки жертвам Голодомору; пам’ять.

This article analyzes the descriptions of monuments and memorials to the victims of Great Famine in Ukraine. The author suggests some approaches to standardization of descriptions. In Ukraine at state level fully certain rules and order of description of monuments are already set, these rules are lighted up in the index cards of cultural heritage objects. They it’s good carefully thought out and scientifically structured. For basis of stowage of descriptive base of monuments and memorable signs to the victims of Great Famine it’s possible to take the Index card made by us,ratified by the order of Ministry of culture from May, 13 in 2004. This card has such parts: the name of object, its kind, type, category, date of creation and place of establishment.
Keywords: Ukraine, monuments and memorable signs to the victims of Great Famine, memory.


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