V. Tkachuk Fixed and Unfixed Representations of Cyrillic Headings in Printed and Handwritten Liturgical Texts of the Kyivan Metropole in 16th–17 th ct.

Статтю присвячено виявленню факторів, які впливали на фіксацію літургійних текстів у служебниках Київської митрополії XVI–XVII ст.
Ключові слова: Київська митрополія (XVI–XVII ст.), літургійні рубрики, Служебник, Літургія.

This article examins factors that influenced fixation of liturgical texts in church books («sluzhebnyky») of Kyiv Metropole (XVI–XVII centuries). On the basis of archival and published sources a new hypothesis about the cause of the presence/absence of liturgical headings in the liturgical texts is suggested. In comparison of hand-written and printed liturgical texts of the Kyivan metropole and, in particular, in tracking similarities/differences the following aspects were taken into account: 1) practice of implementation of Liturgy in memoriam; 2) unification of liturgical practices; 3) price policy related to cost of paper and printing expences; 4) selection of «priority» text in the process of copying of liturgical text. It is being argued that «seredniki» influenced the use of liturgical headings. This can specify and support future research of the topic.
Keywords: Kyiv Metropole (XVI–XVII ct.), liturgical rubrics, church book («sluzhebnyk»), liturgy.


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