V. Shpak Ukrainian Book Printing on the Turn of the Millennium

В статті проаналізовано стан книговидання незалежної України. По-
казано хронологічні етапи розвитку книговидавничої справи в її тематич-
ному, мовному і регіональному аспектах. Зроблено спробу узагальнити роз-
виток книговидання України, з’ясувати його основні проблеми та шляхи їх
Ключові слова: книга, держава, мова, література, регіон.

This article analyses problems of book printing in contemporary Ukraine. The
author provides an overview of the development of book printing in Ukraine and
shows its role in the modern informational society. Specific problem of the book
industry are identified. It is concluded that in modern Ukraine the printing business intensified, although positive changes are taking place very slowly. There
has been not created appropriate economic conditions for the development of the
publishing industry, the equipment is outdated, there is a lack of editorial and
printing equipment production in Ukraine, advanced technology is being introduced rather slowly, the population has a low purchasing capacity, sales network
of printed products has deteriorated. Businesses are becoming increasingly expensive. Some measures for improvement of the situation are suggested, in particular strengthening the role of industry in the national informational space. The
key to improving the situation is in systematic and persistent efforts of the Ukrainian government to support industry.
Keywords: book, mass media, state language, literature, region.


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