V. Pechyborsh Contradictory Themes in the Swiss Confederation History during the Second World War (Historiographical Analysis of the Works by Independent Commission of Experts — «The Second World War»)

Охарактеризовано причини створення та результати діяльності Незалежної комісії експертів Швейцарії — «Друга світова війна».

Ключові слова: незалежна комісія експертів; Друга світова війна; історіографічний аналіз; Швейцарська Конфедерація; проміжна доповідь; підсумковий звіт.

The article is concerned with description of the reasons for the creation and performance of the Independent Commission of Experts Switzerland — «The Second World War», presents a historiographical analysis of the works published by a group of experts of the Commission for the period 1996–2002.The aim of the research is to expand the sources and historiographical base of history of international relations during the Second World War, to make historiographical analysis of investigations of the Independent Commission of Experts Switzerland — «The Second World War», issued for the period of operation of the commission in 1996–2002. It should be clarified that in modern Ukrainian historiography of this group work has not been considered. Complete analysis of reports and records of the Commission reveals two common themes around which has focused the research work of the experts, namely foreign economic and humanitarian policy of the Swiss Confederation in the Second World War. Materials Commission will expand the base of historiographical research on international relations during the Second World War.

Keywords: independent commission of experts, Second World War, historiographical analysis, the Swiss Confederation, the interim report, the final report.


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