V. Kushnir The Outstanding Scientist Mykola Boholiubov

У статті, що пропонується, віддзеркалено життєвий і творчий шлях видатного вченого Миколи Миколайовича Боголюбова.
Ключові слова: фізика, математика, механіка, видатний учений.

The followed article depicts the life story and creative path of the outstanding scientist in branch of physics, mathematics and mechanics Mykola Boholiubov (21 August 1909 — 13 February 1992). Merits of scientist were marked bu numerous state rewards. His structural ideas and methods made a fundamental contribution to development of our knowledge about natural and quality of matter laws. His main purpose of life since his childhood was science. Mykola Boholiubov is an author of a great number of scientific works and manuals. He was a member of group of physicists, wich developed a magnetic thermonuclear reactor.
Keywords: physics, mathematics, mechanics, outstanding scientist.


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