V. Kamchatny The Role of the Professor I. Osipov in the Development of Women’s Education (Late 19th — Early 20th Ct.)

Статтю присвячено дослідженню ролі професора-хіміка І. П. Осипова в розвитку жіночої освіти наприкінці ХІХ — на початку ХХ ст., в залученні жінок до науково-педагогічної діяльності.
Ключові слова: професор Іван Павлович Осипов, хімія, жіноча освіта, Харківський жіночий політехнічний інститут.

Article is devoted to study the role of the outstanding Russian professor-chemist I. P. Osipov in the development of women’s education in the late 19th — early 20th century in Kharkov. Participation of I. P. Osipov in the organization and the activities of a range of higher courses (natural sciences, agricultural, medical and other) for women in Kharkov, in teaching them in these courses various chemical disciplines has been researched. The examples of involvement women to active research and teaching are given. A formal evaluation of considerable efforts of I. P. Osipov in question of ensuring women an equal access to higher education and grateful reviews of his listeners are presented. The history of creation of the Female Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute in 1916 which was led by I. P. Osi pov is covered. This educational establishment laid the foundation of organization of the women’s polytechnic education.
Keywords: professor I. Osipov, chemistry, women’s education, Female Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute.


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