V. Ieremenko Monuments and Memorable Sign to the Great Famine Victims in Zaporizhzhia and Features of Their Use in Commemorative Practices of the State

Статтю присвячено опису пам’ятників і пам’ятних знаків жертвам Голодомору, встановлених у місті Запоріжжя.

Ключові слова: Голодомор; Запоріжжя; пам’ятники і пам’ятні знаки; комеморативні практики.

This article describes the monuments and memorials to Great Famine victims in Zaporozhzhia, founds the features of their use in Ukrainian commemorative practices. The author makes the conclusion, that, Zaporozhzhia has its own traditions of Great Famine victims commemoration. In relation to these features of the state commemorative practices, it is possible to assert, that attitude of public authorities representatives toward this commemorative practices till recently straight depended not so much on a current in a country legislation, but from a political climate in a country.

Keywords: Zaporizhzhia, Great Famine, the monuments and memorials, commemorative practices.


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