T. Vodotyka The Social Cost and Social Accountability: Entrepreneurial Charity in the second half of 19th century

Розвідку присвячено формам і методам підприємницької благодійності в умовах руйнування цінностей традиційного та формування системи пріоритетів індустріального суспільства.
Ключові слова: благодійність; соціальна відповідальність; соціальна ціна; підприємництво; місто; модернізація; цінності.

The article is devoted to the problem of the institute of entrepreneurial charity establishing in the cities after the Great reforms. The forms and methods of the charity are analyzed. The process of the entrepreneurs social accountability forming is pointed out. The author pays the main attention to the modernization and establishing of a new system of values, significant for industrial society. It’s also pointed out, that understanding of the social price of progress should have pushed entrepreneurs for extra charity. The difference between social accountability, investment, which only seems to be charity, and charity itself is also highlighted. Donations often were just the instrument for gaining of fame, high public position or even free advertising. Progress had both positive and negative aspects, so the demand of time was to find some complex decisions of the modernizing society pres sing problems. The social accountability was rare, the same as cooperation of state and entrepreneurs. So just charity seems to be not enough for this, as it just softened negative consequences of establishing the industrial society.
Keywords: charity, social accountability, entrepreneurs, the city, modernization, the social price.


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