Sh. Ramazanov, L. Ihnatova The Vexed Questions of Great Patriotic War

У матеріалах автори розглядають походження версії про «превентивну війну» Німеччини та «упереджувальний удар» Радянського Союзу.
Ключові слова: превентивна війна; упереджувальний удар; план «Барбароса»; «східний похід».

In this materials authors consider a version about the origin of German «preventive war» and «pre-emptive strike» of the Soviet Union. Various points of view on a question of the one who was the initiator of the Great Patriotic War beginning are analyzed. On the basis of the published documents and scientific researches authors show discrepancy of modern historians in aspiration to find the correct point of view on this question. In this article actions of Germany and the Soviet Union on the eve of World War II are considered. Military, political and economic readiness of both parties for war is analyzed. The conclusion about unambiguous responsibility of Germany for the Great Patriotic War beginning is drawn.
Keywords: preventive war, pre-emptive strike, «Barbarossa» plan, «Eastern campaign».


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