S. Boieva Basic Trends in Progress of Fine Art in Contemporary Ukraine

У статті особлива увага приділяється державній підтримці вільного розвитку всіх стилів та жанрів українського образотворчого мистецтва, його широкій популяризації шляхом використання в усіх регіонах України, групових або персональних виставок в умовах незалежної держави.
Ключові слова: образотворче мистецтво, Україна, галереї, культурні цінності.

In the article a special attention is paid to issues of state support to free development of all styles and genres of Ukrainian fine arts, its broad popularization through all-Ukrainian regional, group or personal exhibitions in the post Soviet period. The activity of galleries has became an important factor for development of arts. They contribute to conservation of invaluable relics of the Ukrainian art; control the process of flow of cultural values from Ukraine, which at the present time acquires a mass and perilous character. The prominent tendencies of contemporary Ukrainian fine arts — neofolklorism (the folklore’s influence on the art), postmodernism and others have also been analyzed in the article. The development of Ukrainian art of sculpture, engraving and caricature is in focus of the article, as well as new styles of the Ukrainian fine arts — installation, video art, performance, street-art, etc. The author concludes: economic difficulties experienced by Ukraine make the problem of social protection of arts especially urgent. This can be seen in the current state in purchases of works of arts by the state. For the Ukrainian fine arts the way of going out of the crisis is a formation of cultural infrastructure, ensuring the conditions of functioning of a real self-regulated art market. Despite all difficulties the Ukrainian art is developing and mastering its strength. There is quite a number of gifted Ukrainian artists who work in Ukraine or abroad and are known in the world and who respectfully represent the art of their people.
Keywords: fine art, Ukraine, galleries, cultural values.


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