O. Kostiuchok Activities of Sofia Reserve During Nazi Occupation (1941–1943)

Статтю присвячено проблематиці діяльності Софійського заповідника в роки нацистської окупації.
Ключові слова: Софійський заповідник, нацистська окупація (1941–1943 рр.), пам’ятка.

The article is focused on a range of problems regarding activities of Sofia reserve during Nazi occupation, in particular to issues of structuring, work assignments, material supply and labour discipline of its collective. Also, attention is devoted to relationships of reserve personnel with occupational powers. Main scholarly works about these issues are written by I. Prelovska and I. Kabanets in a coauthorship with R. Kachan. I. Prelovska concentrated on the course of church events, which took place in various premices of Sofia reserve. This problem is also considered in the article of R. Kachan and I. Kabanets. Yet, functioning of Sophia Reserve during the Nazi occupation remains little explored. To summarize, the war years were exceptionally heavy for the employees of reserve and beared a threat of destruction of its architectural and art monuments. In this difficult time workers of the preserve made everything possible to save reserve’s heritage.
Keywords: Sofia reserve, Nazi occupation (1941–1943), sights.


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