O. Bilyavska Participation of University Young People of Naddniprianschyna in National Liberation Movement (2nd half of 19th ct.)

Аналізується участь університетської молоді Наддніпрянської України в національно-визвольному русі другої половини ХІХ ст.
Ключові слова: студенти; університет; Наддніпрянська Україна; друга половина ХІХ ст.; національно-визвольний рух.

The main aim of our article is to make a complex analysys of young university people of Naddniprianschyna participating in national liberation movement of the 2nd half of 19th ct. When there was practically no national elite, student young people became the generator of ideas in national liberation movement that spread not only in Naddniprianschyna but also in other Ukrainian lands, and began to realize these ideas. The 2nd half of 19th ct., especially reforms of 1860–1880 th become critical for society. This was a new wave of national liberation movement to the transition from cultural and educational to the political fight for autonomy. There was preparation of national forces to the fight for independence of Ukraine. Research of participation of university young people of Naddniprianschyna in national liberation movement of Ukraine in the 2nd half of 19th ct. gives an opportunity to realize the role of her fight for a national idea in the past and on the modern stage. Meaningfulness of select theme needs further reserch.
Keywords: students, university, Naddniprianschyna, 2nd half of 19th ct., national liberation movement.


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