O. Bilyavska Kyiv City Self-Government in the System of Centralized Administrative Management of Russian Empire (19th — Early 20th Ct.)

В статті аналізується діяльність органів самоврядування Києва протягом ХІХ — початку ХХ ст. у період його входження до складу Російської імперії.

Ключові слова: губернатор; губернське правління; Магістрат; міська дума; міська управа; інкорпорація.

The article deals with the activities of government in Kyiv during the 19th ct. after its incorporation into the Russian Empire in the early 20th ct., when we completed the incorporation. Object is a body of the Kiev city government, Magistrate, City Council, City Council, various committees and commissions. Kyiv was chosen for the study in view of its historical importance as a center in 1797, the newly formed province of Kiev, Faculty of 1832, the governor-general. That there were higher regional and local government agencies Empire. Therefore, Kyiv became the mainstay in the process of incorporation of the entire Right Bank Ukraine. At the same time in the tradition of self-government were previous times to 1843. operated Magdeburg law. Since this was considered imperial power. Therefore, the integration of local government and the city government took place during the 19th century and finally completed in the early 20th century. The object of study is the integration features of the Kyiv municipal authorities in all-centralized system of governance. Attention is paid to regional peculiarities of this process, the historical experience gained in the absence of their own country.

Keywords: Governor,Magistrate, City Council, City Council, incorporation.


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