N. Guz’ Ukrainian Commitments to the Council of Europe and Their Fulfillment

У статті визначено основні зобов’язання України перед Радою Європи, досліджено хід їх виконання. Представлені висновки про значення виконання Україною цих зобов’язань.

Ключові слова: Україна; Рада Європи; виконання зобов’язань; європейський правовий простір; правові стандарти Ради Європи.

This article analyses the basic Ukrainian commitments to the Council of Europe. It refers to the activities of the Ukraine in bringing the legislation of the state in line with the European standards. The author has divided these commitments into two parts and has studied the basic components of fulfillment of them. The author gave attention to the adoption of the new constitution, new laws on election and political parties, ten or so laws design to reform the legal and judicial system and new civil and criminal codes. Particular attention is paid to the signing and ratification as many as ten Council of Europe international legal instruments. The author presented the conclusions about the importance of Ukraine’s fulfillment of these commitments. Innovation of the article is based on the analysis the fulfillment of engagements of Ukraine to the Council of Europe. This work may be a methodical instruction for the researchers, who’ll study the history of relationship between Ukraine and The Council of Europe.

Keywords: Ukraine, Council of Europe, fulfillment of the commitments, the European legal space, the legal standards of the Council of Europe.


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