N. Bem The new Collectivization Compaign in Agriculture in 1931 and the Political Moods or the Peasantry

В статті досліджується стан українського селянства в 1931 р. під час нової хвилі суцільної колективізації.
Ключові слова: українське селянство; політичні настрої; колективізація.

This article analyses the condition of Ukrainian farmers in a time of collectivization company of 1931, investigates the political sentiments of the peasantry. Introduction of the program of collectivization in 1931 at first gave grounds to do optimistic conclusions. The planed tasks of «new prosperity» of a collective farm motion, after erections of «Колгоспцентр» and «Наркомзем», were executed with passing. That was planned on all in 1931 was almost executed already in spring this year. But afterwards verifications, in particular instructors of ЦВК of the USSR, showed that continuous collectivization had been conducted regardless of results of voting of peasants, with enormous curvatures considerably anymore for errors 1929–1930. «New prosperity» of a collective farm motion barely dragged as far as to autumn in 1931 From an autumn to the end of 1931 everywhere there were mass exits that it was impossible not to mask, not to hide. At the beginning of 1932 these tendencies increased and purchased threatening scales. The antisoviet grew on a village.
Кeywords: Ukrainian peasantry, political moods, collectivization.


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