N. Bem «Наш нарід мав свідомість своєї корінності, й він змагався…» («Our People Realized their Origin, and They Fought…»)

У статті розглянуті основні форми спротиву та настрої українського селянства навесні та влітку 1932 р.

Ключові слова: селянство; хлібозаготівлі; опір; масові виступи.

The article discusses the main strategies of resistance and moods of Ukrai nian peasants in the spring and summer of 1932. The various displays of its conduct and moods in a probed period, all set of methods through which without right peasants tried to defend oneselves and their families from the Stalin policy in the country are examined. Stalin gorernment wanted to take the collective economies of peasants and products of them under complete control. However, resistance lasted even then, when power accepted cruel measures against farmers. There were acts of resistance, single appearances, which were the result of strong hunger, mass death rate of peasants and strengthening of repressions.

Keywords: peasants, grain harvesting, resistance, mass demonstrations.


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