N. Кravchenko Reformation of Agroindustrial Complex (AIC) of Ukraine: History Aspect (1991–1996)

Визначено етапи, позитивні і негативні чинники реформування АПК України, особливості реформування форм власності та господарювання у блоках АПК, вплив реформування в АПК на зміну соціальної структури суспільства.
Ключові слова: агропромисловий комплекс; аграрна реформа; земельна реформа; аграрна політика; переробна промисловість; сільськогосподарське машинобудування; реформування; форми власності та господарювання.

On the basis of the published and archives material were determined stages, positive and negative factors of Ukrainian AIC reformation, specific features of property changes and general economic management in AIC blocks, influence of AIC reformation on the social society structure. Firstly were established the important role of AIC in claim of the Ukrainian state system and forming of civil society. High level of AIC development represents a basic condition of food security as well as political stability, decision making society, new forms of economic ownership and management, changes in the social structure of society. Selected chronological time allows design and implements public policy towards to the economic system changes in all units of agriculture and characterizes the process in each of them. It has been studied the problem analysis of agricultural complex development in the modern Ukrainian historiography. Manuscript findings of agriculture transformation will be useful for setting up further recommendations in AIC development.
Keywords: agroindustrial complex, agrarian reform, land reform, agrarian policy, processing industry, agricultural engineering, reformation, forms of property and general economic management.


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