M. Voronina Gender Рolitics of the Bolsheviks in Kharkiv region (1900’s–1930’s)

Статтю присвячено з’ясуванню причин, через які залишилася незначною фемінізація більшовицької організації до остаточного встановлення радянської влади в Харкові.
Ключові слова: ґендер; ліберальний фемінізм; маскулінний.

The main aim of this article is to find out the main reasons for a little feminization of the Bolshevik organization before the final establishing of the Soviet authorities in this city. Furthermore in pre-revolutionary time in Kharkiv province there existed one of the biggest in the Russian Empire liberal feminist organizations and also the branch of the Union of women’s equal rights. That’s why it’s also important to find out how here since 1920 the «women’s issue» was solved by women’s departments within the «Soviet feminism» framework, not only on the regional level, but also within the whole Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic. The author tries to find out also «Soviet feminism» effect in Kharkiv region in 1920’s — 1930’s.
Keywords: gender, liberal feminism, masculine.


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