M. Glavatskyi The System of Legal Institutions of the Occupying Power in the General Field of «Kyiv» (Kyiv and Poltava Region) (1941– 1942): the Creation and Development

У статті розкрито систему правових інституцій органів окупаційної влади на території генеральної області «Київ» у 1941–1942 рр.
Ключові слова: органи окупаційної влади; генеральна область «Київ»; Рейхскомісаріат «Україна»; Київська область; Полтавська область; документ; вісник; розпорядження; директива; фольксдойче; рейхсдойче.

The system of legal institutions of the occupying power in the general field of «Kyiv» has not found a holistic and objective coverage of historiography. The status of ethnic Germans in the Ukraine during the occupation was determined by their differentiation, which made the Nazi government. Initially occupation in the general area of «Kyiv» continued to operate fragments of Soviet law. Occupation administration had studied region to form a new normative-legal framework that dynamically changing all the time, according to the situation at the front of the war. On the territory of the district general «Kyiv», which included the Kyiv and Poltava region, appears another characteristic feature of the legal regulation of social relations. The peculiarity of the regulations in the general area of «Kyiv», issued by Ukrainian administration was that these documents quite often note kind and degree of punishment for failure to comply with these regulations. But this element of legal documents quite often contain enough clear rules or regulations that the vast amount of data did not meet the legal requirements and regulations.
Keywords: the occupation authorities, the general area «Kyiv», Reichskommissariat «Ukraine», Kiev region, Poltava region, document, gazette, order, directive, folksdoyche, reyhsdoyche.


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