L. Volkotrub Publishing Activity of Kyiv «Prosvita»

В статті докладно аналізується діяльність київської «Просвіти» і її вплив на формування національної свідомості українського народу.
Ключові слова: книговидання; «Просвіта»; серійні видання; київські друкарні.

The aim of this article is to analyze the activity and influence on Ukrainian national consciousness forming of «Prosvita» in Kyiv. In conclusion, on the whole publishing plans of Kyiv «Prosvita» members were very wide. But only small part of these plans was realized successfully. There are few reasons of it: very unstable political and socio-economic situation of those years, permanent power changing in Kyiv; paper deficit; shortage of support from the side of UCS, the government of hetman P. Skoropadsky, Directory. That’s why neither the leaders of «Prosvita», in particular P. Stebnytsky and О. Lototsky with their long-term experience of fruitful publishing activity, nor the group of publishing commission members did not succeed to change a situation to the best. And nevertheless Kyiv «Prosvita» members carried out the public duty deservingly.
Keywords: editing of books, «Prosvita», serial editions, printing-houses in Kyiv.


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