L. Ihnatova, Sh. Ramazanov Land as an Object of Market Relations in Ukraine during Stolypin Agrarian Reform

У статті розглядаються основні проблеми формування ціни на землю у період проведення столипінської аграрної реформи.

Ключові слова: Селянський поземельний Банк; ринок землі; приватні селянські землі; дворянське землеволодіння.

In this article the basic problems of land prices in the post-reform period, keeping the peasant land shortage and landlordism by the Russian Government are illuminated. P. Stolypin agrarian reform, designed to create a class of wealthy farmers in the village, destroyed the old system of land tenure. Justification the reasons for which the land market is not actually formed. Peasants’ Land Bank retain the high prices of landed estates and peasant land on the market were sold at reduced prices. The Russian Government’s policy is to maintain the high price of land nobles, since they were the social group to which inspired the Tsarist Government. The peasant land, by contrast, sold at prices well below market.

Keywords: Peasant Land Bank, the land market, private peasant land, nobility land.


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