L. Bortnyk The Features of Cooperation Between Border Protection Corps and State Authorities on the Territory of Volhynian Voivodeship (1924–1939)

У статті проаналізовано особливості співпраці Корпусу охорони прикордоння (КОП) із державними органами на території Волинського воєводства.
Ключові слова: Корпус охорони прикордоння; співпраця; охорона державного кордону; органи державної адміністрації; Державна поліція.

The features of cooperation between Border Protection Corps (BPC) and state authorities on the territory of Volhynian Voivodeship are analyzed in this article. This cooperation embraces a brigade of BPC «Wolhyn», the public administrations authorities of the first and the second instance, security services. It concerns border protection issues, security and public order protection on the territory of boundary. The most effective form of cooperation were the conferences deal with the border security between Border Protection Corps and public administration. The purpose of conferences was the mutual coordination activities, the installation of general principles of cooperation. The maim subjects of conferences were: border zone placing (building telecommunicatios networks) and organization of cooperation programs of general government administration with Border Protection Corps in this regard; confusions in jurisdiction between the administrative authorities, State Police and BPC; strengthening of the border control at the appropriate border areas ; mutual exchange of information and observations about the situation in the border; activity coordination in the areas of border patrols, criminality fighting with border crimes etc.
Keywords: Border Protection Corps, cooperation, state border protection, state administration authorities, State Policy.


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