K. Sosnina Children’s Excursions in the Ussr in the End of 1920’s — Early 1930’s. (on the Matherials from Kyiv Suburbs)

В статті окреслено основні риси організації дитячих екскурсій в контексті розвитку туристичної справи у СРСР напринкінці 1920-х — початку 1930-х рр.
Ключові слова: екскурсійна справа, позашкільна освіта.

The paper outlines the main features of children’s excursions in the context of tourism development in the USSR in the end of 1920’s — early 1930’s. Based on archival materials attempt to describe the state of excurssions as part of after-school education in the USSR is made. Excursions presented insignificant part of children’s leisure and were the practical employments after the lessons of biology and natural history. The state of excursions as parts of out-of-school education is worst. In addition, there was not clear distribution between excursions as method of studies and excursions as by part of children’s leisure. Children’s excursions on territory of Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Respublic mostly submitted to the school programs. Excursions to the museums and other establishments for analysed period it was conducted only a few. Reason can be the bad financial and methodical providing of teachers on places. It talks about insufficient preparation of school teachers, that became the result of numerous difficulties of organization and functioning of the system of excursions and folk education.
Keywords: excursions, after-school education.


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