Iu. Korohodskyi Famine in the Jewish Agricultural Colonies in Ukraine (1932–1933): Historiography of Problem

Статтю присвячено аналізу вивчення Голодомору 1932–1933 рр. у єврейських землеробських колоніях півдня України.
Ключові слова: землеробські колонії, Голодомор, євреї, сільське господарство, геноцид.

The article is devoted to the analysis of study of events of Holodomor (1932–1933) in the Jewish agricultural colonies in Southern Ukraine. The author considers that theme of death from Holodomor among peasants from the Jewish agricultural colonies of Southern Ukraine long time was out of specialists’ eyeshot of historical science. The researchers of Jewish studies didn’t not touch this theme, because greater attention was spared to the events of Holocaust in the Jewish colonies on the Southern Ukraine. Specialists in Ukrainian history researched to this time the events of Holodomor, which not so means national minorities.
Keywords: agricultural colonies, Holodomor, Jews, agriculture, genocide.


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