Iu. Korohodsky Collectivization and Great Famine of 1932–1933 in «oral history» of the Jewish colonists of Southern Ukraine

Статтю присвячено спогадам про колективізацію та голод 1932–1933 рр. у єврейських землеробських колоніях півдня України.
Ключові слова: землеробські колонії; Голодомор; євреї; сільське господарство; геноцид; усна історія.

The article is devoted to «oral history» materials about collectivization and hunger of 1932–1933 in the Jewish agricultural colonies of south of Ukraine. Themes of the different stages of collectivization and description of events of hunger of 1932–1933 are occupied the special place in remembrances of the former Jewish colonists. Colonists remember the period of collectivization as phenomenon that destroyed old customs. They also remember hunger of 1932–1933, but not give the clear estimations of those events.
Keywords: agricultural colonies, Great Famine, Jews, agriculture, genocide, oral history.


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