Iu. Khytrovska The Participation of Orthodox Clergy of the Right-Bank Ukraine in Activities of Political Parties in the end of the 19th — Early 20th ct

Автор аналізує політичну диференціацію правобережного православного кліру наприкінці ХІХ — на початку ХХ ст.
Ключові слова: політична партія; православне духовенство; «Союз руського народу»; чорносотенний рух; Російська імперія; самодержавство.

The purpose of this article is the deep and honesty analysis the problem of political differentiation of Orthodox clergy of the Right-bank Ukraine in the end of the 19 th — early 20 th ct., the participation of clergy in activities of Russianand Ukrainian political parties of this historical period. For the investigating this problem author used scientific literature, archives documents and the materials of the periodical press, including the pre-revolutionary publications. In the wide historical retrospective on the basis of archives and published documents, especially author wants to show the influence «The union of the Russian people» on the activity of the Orthodox clergy of the Right-bank Ukraine in the beginning of the 20th ct., the participation of the Orthodox clergy in the politics, in the Parliamentary elections and in the activity of the first, second, third and fourth Parliament of Russian empery.
Keywords: political party, Orthodox clergy, «The union of the Russian people», Russian empery, autocracy.


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