Ia. Fedorenko Becoming of Rural Enterprise in Agrarian Sector of Ukraine of Period of Independence

У статті досліджується становлення сільського підприємництва після проголошення незалежності України в контексті аграрної реформи.
Ключові слова: підприємництво; приватизація; дрібний і середній бізнес; сільськогосподарський кооператив обслуговування.

This paper examines the formation of rural entrepreneurship in the context of agrarian reform in independent Ukraine. Analysis of the factors that accele rated the process of consolidation in the agricultural sector (reorganizing of collective farm system, creation of legal framework) was conducted and three stages of development are identified: the first — since August 1991up to October 1994, the second — from 1994 to 1999, the third began with the establishment in the early 2000 of a new economic system based on the National Program for Enterprise Development and continues to the present. Particular attention is paid to the characterization of the structure of an important component of agriculture, agricultural cooperative, which operates on the principles of most businesses.Today, it takes a real chance to improve the socio-economic situation in rural are as, but due to a number of problems cannot operate fully.
Keywords: entrepreneurship, privatization, small and medium enterprises, agricultural service cooperatives.


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