I. Zenych Organization of Elections to Russian Constituent Assembly in Kyiv Region

У статті аналізуються основні складові підготовки виборів до Всеросійських Установчих зборів у Київській губернії.
Ключові слова: виборча комісія, Всеросійські Установчі збори, Київська губернія.

The aim of this paper is to show the main stages in the Russian Constituent Assembly election process in Kiev Region. The article is based on archival documents and researches. Elections to the Russian Constituent Assembly were a very important event. The commission of the Kyiv region responsibly organized this elections, but there was a row of technical obstacles and that’s why elections were deferred. To these obstacles one can include the shortage of facilities, revolutionary events, strike of printers, transport disorders, considerable migration of population, unsatisfactory work of telegraph service, and others. Preparation of elections in Kyiv region must become a lesson for modern politician as proves that only close collaboration of all participants of elections, from ordinary electors to the greatest public servants and members of public organs can assist to organize the elections in time.
Keywords: еlection сomission, Russian Constituent Assembly, Kiev Region.


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