I. Patryliak Ukrainian-Polish Military Conflict during the Second World War. Synthesis View

Статтю присвячено узагальненню подій українсько-польського збройного конфлікту в роки Другої світової війни.
Ключові слова: конфлікт; антиколоніальний рух; цивільне населення; жертви.

This article deals with the complex investigation of Ukrainian-Polish military conflict in Western Ukraine lands during the Second World War. Basin on a rich fact material, author depicted the causes, course and consequences of conflict. The great attention was paid coverage of the international context of the Ukrainian-Polish conflict, research the historical background in which it developed. The fight Ukrainian nationalist underground and Ukrainian Insurgent Army against the Polish military forces and settlements in western Ukraine, considered in the context of anti-colonial wars. In the article also draws attention to the role of «third parties» (Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union) as an important factor in deepening Ukrainian-Polish conflict. Particular attention is focused on reviewing the problem of using the Nazis Polish villages as bases for anti-Ukrainian rebel movement in Volhynia in the spring and summer of 1943. Author detailed analysis of the problem the loss of the civilian Ukrainian and Polish population. Researcher is studying the use of the term «genocide» to denote the conflict.
Keywords: conflict, civilians, anti-colonial movement, victims.


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