A. Lykholat Trends of the Development of Scientific and Technological Sphere in Contemporary Ukraine

Розкрито об’єктивну необхідність і шляхи ринкової трансформації науково-технічного потенціалу після здобуття незалежності.
Ключові слова: науковий потенціал, інновації, критерії ефективності, наукові дослідження, інтеграція.

The objective necessity and the ways of market transformation of scientific and technological potential, which was inherited in Ukraine after independence, have been solved. We explain the ability of national science and technology system for integration into the European Research Area. The analysis of position and progress of scientific and technical complex trends testifies that the state haven’t succeeded to provide steady development of scientific activity and convert it into the main factor of the economy growing on innovative basis. Despite favourable starting terms a transformation crisis in Ukraine appeared one of most destructive on post-Soviet space. Existent mechanism of the financial providing of scientific and innovative development, the government scientific and technical programs are the result of narrow-mindedness of investment sources often do not provide achievement of concrete results. That’s why it’s necessary to produce such strategic course on the nearest decades, in which future development must be intellectually innovative, and role of domestic science in it would be recognized as leading.
Keywords: scientific potential, innovations, criteria of efficiency, research, integration.


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