A. Lykholat Scientific and Technological Development of the Regions of Ukraine

Розглянуто і проаналізовано актуальні проблеми науково-технічного розвитку регіонів України.

Ключові слова: науково-технічний комплекс; інновації; регіональна інфраструктура; технологічні парки; глобалізація.

The current problems of scientific and technological development of the regions of Ukraine and the role of innovation infrastructure to accelerate economic growth are reviewed and analyzed in this article. In the context of world tendencies Ukraine ought to expressly define such strategy of scientific and technical policy, which would provide the extended recreation of innovations in the regions of the state and them irreversible influence on overcoming of negative consequences of crisis, economic growth of separate territories and country acceleration, on the whole. General efficiency of innovative activity in a country is determined by the integral level of innovations in regions. The special attention and support is deserved by development of small and middle innovative enterprise as supports for the economy of all region.

Keywords: scientific and technical complex, innovations, regional infrastructure, technological parks, globalization.


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