A. Lykholat Intellectual Property: the State and Prospects of its Development in Ukraine

Аналізуються система функціонування інтелектуальної власності, проблеми охорони та законодавчого забезпечення її прав в Україні.
Ключові слова: інтелектуальна власність; інноваційна і науково-технічна діяльність; авторське право; патенти; інформація.

The functioning of the system of intellectual property protection and legal problems of its rights in Ukraine is analyzed in this article. The role of the phenomenon of intellectual property as one of the essential factors of the economy conversion on the path of innovation and advancement of intellectual and creative work in the markets of foreign countries. Without regard to the certain progress attained the last years in the legislative providing of guard of intellectual ownership rights, its imperfection all yet is one of factors, that prevents to creation in Ukraine of the effective system of rights on the objects of intellectual property. The basic problem of functioning of intellectual property institute is remained by transformation of potential intellectual possibilities and creative activity on the instruments of economic development. To decide this problem, in Ukraine it follows to decide the row of complex tasks on the way of development of new economy.
Keywords: intellectual property, innovative and scientific and technical activity, copyright, patents, information.


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