A. Kizlova Creation of Environment around the Holy Relics in the Caves of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra as a Method of Communication with Believers (Late 18th — First Decades of 20th Ct.)

В статті поставлено за мету через свідчення про комунікацію навколо святинь охарактеризувати їхніх хранителів.
Ключові слова: Київ; Києво-Печерська лавра кінця XVIII — перших десятиліть ХХ ст.; мощі; комунікація; богмольці.

The article deals with the creation of environment around the holy relics in the caves of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra during late 18th — first decades of 20th ct. This environment is examined as a method of communication between monks of Lavra and believers. The aim of this article is to estimate the sacred objects keepers, including the reconstruction of Lavra habitants organizational activity devoted to sacred environment adaptations to communication near the relics. The abbot and the monks of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra tried to provide unimpeded access of believers to the sacred objects. They also promoted, that there were some eloquent details near earthly remains of saints in caves. Such details would not only underline the honouring in monastery but also confirm the presence of donors and report, who exactly rests in a that or other shrine. Using some details of holy relics or their environment the sacred objects keepers propagandized correct from orthodoxy point actions and suppressed some inadvisable moments. They also cared of safety and maintainance of sacred objects, in particular from damages from a contact with numerous believers.
Keywords: Kyiv, Kyiv Pechersk Lavra during late 18th — first decades of 20th ct., holy relics,communication, believers.

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