Т. Bykova Some Moments from History of Crimean Socialistic Soviet Republic (1919)

В статті розглядаються події, пов’язані зі створенням у Криму радянської республіки.

Ключові слова: Кримський півострів; Кримська соціалістична радянська республіка; більшовики.

The proposed article deals with events, related to the construction in Crimea of soviet republic by bolshevists. The special attention is spared for reasons which compelled new power to proclaim a republic on a peninsula. Problems which arose up on a peninsula, while Crimean Socialistic Soviet Republic halted existence, are also examined in the article. In opinion of author, an important role in becoming of Crimean Socialistic Soviet Republic was played by the desire of bolshevist leaders to create in Crimea a buffer area for counteraction the countries of the Entente. Large attention in the article is paid to discussions about that, what soviet republic Crimea must belong to, Ukrainian, or Russian.

Keywords: Crimean peninsula, Crimean Socialistic Soviet Republic, bolshevists.


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