О. Maliuta O. Korchak-Chepurkivskiy as an Outstanding Representative of Medical Science

У науковій статті висвітлюється життєвий, науковий, медичний шлях відомого вченого-епідеміолога, академіка Всеукраїнської академії наук О. Корчака-Чепурківського.
Ключові слова: медична термінологія; історія медицини.

The scientific article tells about the life, scientific, medical way the O. Korchak-Chepurkivskiy as the famous scientist and epidemiologist, the Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Scientist laid the foundation of social hygiene and epidemiology, created the first in Ukraine Classification of Diseases, launched the first series of publications in national statistical terminology. This article attempts to recreate a complete biography of the scientist, note that it was one of the few specialists in their time in care as a science. Approbation of the research of O. Korchak-Chepurkivskiy made on the basis of high schools Kyiv, including the Kiev Medical Institute, Kiev Polytechnic Institute named after Emperor Alexander II, the Kiev Commercial Institute and private schools in Kyiv.
Keywords: medical terminology, history of medicine.


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