Yu. Khytrovska The Main Results and Importance of the 4th All-Russian Missionary’s Congress in 1908 (Kyiv) in Context of Church Policy of the Russian Autocracy

Спираючись на архівні документи й матеріали та спеціальну наукову літературу, автор статті аналізує результати IV Всеросійського місіонерського з’їзду 1908 р. в м. Києві, його значення в контексті церковної політики царського уряду.

Ключові слова: російське самодержавство; місіонери; секти; право слав’я; IV Всеросійський місіонерський з’їзд.

The author of this article analyses the results and importance of the 4th All-Russian missionary’s congress, which was in 1908 year in Kyiv, in context of church policy of the Russian government. For the investigating this problem author used scientific literature, archives documents and the matirials of the periodical press. 1905–1906 years, during probability of the reforms was too high, displayed, that independently realize any constructive reform’s program the Russian Orthodox Church does not be able. It had status the state church and had not inside monolithic character. That is why the Council couldn’t be the decision of all problems of state Russian Orthodox Church that historical period. The basic idea of this article is that the IV All-Russia missionary’s congress showed that nothing changed in the church policy of the Russian government even after the revolution events during 1905–1907 years. This missionary’s congress appealed to Orthodox clergy and missionaries to use all means that government to limit the freedom of religion in the country. Those kind decisions led to new aggravation the religion situation in empire. The religion question was one of the causes that led to fall the Russian empire.

Keywords: Russian autocracy, missionary, sects, the Orthodox, the 4th All-Russia missionary’s congress.


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