Sh. Ramazanov New Look to the Events of Before War Time: Discussions in Modern Historical Science

У статті автор аналізує сучасні дослідження про початок німецько-радянської війни.

Ключові слова: Друга світова війна; превентивна війна; Німеччина; СРСР.

The author analyzes the current studies on the beginning of the German-Soviet War. Discussions about beginning of Soviet-German war do not calm down today. A problem darts out into first place – whether Stalin prepared to war. The different points of view are examined about what from two countries is Germany or USSR, prepared to the attack of the first. On the basis of researches of modern historians attention on the aggressive policy of Soviet Union is accented. But also a policy of Germany in relation to the USSR similarly was not peaceful. The USSR prepared to war with Germany, but to attack the first was not in a position from the technical point of view. Considering the different perspectives on the problem, the author comes to the conclusion that, despite the large number of recent publications, researchers have not reached a consensus on this important not only historical, but also a political issue.

Keywords: The Second world war, preventive war, Germany, USSR.


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