T. Perga The Eastern Partnership History and Perspectives in Global Crisis

У статті досліджено витоки формування ініціативи Східного партнерства та її еволюцію протягом п’яти років з часу започаткування.

Ключові слова: Європейський Союз; Східне партнерство; Європейська політика сусідства; Україна; енергетична політика; безпека; Східноєвропейське партнерство з енергоефективності та довкілля.

This article explores the origins of the formation of the Eastern Partnership. Eastern Partnership is based on gradual evolution relation to EU neighboring countries. Enacted at the summit of the «Eastern Partnership», held in Prague May 7, 2009, the Eastern Partnership poses many problems, including — economic convergence countries — partners in the EU, promoting security and democracy, the rule of law, stability and good governance, partnership of civil society and governments of member countries, sectoral reforms to encourage contacts between people using the visa liberalization and intercultural dialogue, strengthen energy security, address common environmental problems and so on. In addition, the Eastern Partnership provides an opportunity to obtain additional funding for projects aimed at addressing the socio-economic imbalances and increase stability in the partner countries. The main tools of the tasks are new Association Agreement with the EU. However, the Eastern Partnership is not only bilateral but also multilateral dimension of political and expert dialogue that enhances its potential and is one of the main differences from the European Neighborhood Policy. Eastern Partnership involves not only the development of «official» relationship but as well, a network building between ordinary citizens, which is called «people to people contacts». It was found that, despite opposing views on the effectiveness of the Eastern Partnership for 5 years since its adoption in the short term, it is not about curtailing the contrary, there are new tools aimed at the convergence of the member countries of the EU in various areas. However, the task of reforming the Eastern Partnership and the better the potential of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Keywords: European Union, Eastern Partnership, European Neighborhood Policy, energy policy, Ukraine, security, Eastern European Partnership for Energy Efficiency and Environment.


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