O. Makhno To the Question about the Features of Soviet Informative Politics in Relation to an Accident on Chornobyl NPP in 1986

У статті проаналізовано специфіку радянської інформаційної політики 1986 р. стосовно аварії на Чорнобильській АЕС.

Ключові слова: СРСР; УРСР; Чорнобильська катастрофа; радянська інформаційна політика.

This article is devoted to the specific of soviet informative politics in relation to an accident on Chornobyl nuclear power plant that was conducted during 1986. A conclusion that this politics was determined, from one side, by suppressing of information about an accident, and, from other side, by activation of the counterpropaganda events sent to accusing of the «capitalist world» of distribution of untruthful and politically accented information is well-proven.

Keywords: the USSR, Ukrainian SSR, Chornobyl catastrophe, soviet informative politics.


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