O. Labur The Published Memories of Women-Revolutionists E. Bosch, S. Gopner and O. Kollontai as a Historical Source

Проаналізовано як історичні джерела та джерела соціальної інформації спогади жінок-революціонерок Є. Бош , С. Гопнер і О. Коллонтай. З’ясовано особливості цих типів джерел, обгрунтовано необхідність критичних підходів до їх аналізу та використання.

Ключові слова: жіночі спогади; ≪старі більшовички≫; історичне джерело; інформаційний потенціал; актуалізація відомостей.

Memories of women-revolutionists are a separate group of memoir literature made by the revolutionary leaders. The focus is on the memories of women-revolutionists E. Bosch, S. Gopner and O. Kollontai. The selected sample is caused by party veterancy of authors, extent of their participation in the revolutionary events, a place in the party hierarchy and priority inheritance publicity of their memoirs. Remarked that this project has allowed us to evaluate their consideration as an important historical source for the reconstruction of party history and development of gender policy. In addition, we consider them as a source of social information from which is possible to learn about the women who were able to reach certain heights in the party hierarchy and functioning of the society where they can self- realize in this way. It is emphasized on the features of this type of sources as revolutionary memoirs and female writing. The influence of social andideological positions of writers to the specific structure of the text, where the struggle for Soviet power was seen as a private matter and the meaning of life, was noticed. It is an analysis of their involvement in research, updating data, the level of reliability of individual episodes and specified the need for critical approaches to the issue.

Keywords: Historical Source, women memories, ≪bolshevists veterans≫, informational value, actualization of information.


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