N. Panas The Main Achievements of General Olexander Hrekiv in Galician’s Army Reorganization

У статті висвітлюються основні здобутки генерала Олександра Греківа в організаційній розбудові Галицької Армії, розкриваються особливості уніфікації структури Збройних сил ЗОУНР.

Ключові слова: Галицька Армія; реорганізація; уніфікація; наказ.

The article reviews the main achievements of General Olexander Hrekiv in Galician’s Army reorganization, describes peculiarities of WUPR Armed Forces structure unification. Brilliant connoisseur of military аffairs and Professor at the Russian Empire Academy of the General staff, former Minister of military affairs of the UPR after a series of personnel changes and failed attempts to stay in the Ukrainian army, had the opportunity to show his strategic ability in armed forces of WUPR. For less than a month General managed to start such a vast army reconstruction of Galician Army, which was equal to the work of a few months, or even few years. Grekiv began a formation of cavalry regiments in three Galician corps and the formation of the two new buildings. The apogee of his Command of Galician Army was was Chortkiv offensive results of which have been again unfortunately lost through Ukrainian politicians.

Keywords: Galician Army, reorganization, unification, order.


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