L. Kukoba Athenian Amphictyons at Delos in 4th Century B. C.

У публікації розглядається інститут афінських магістратів амфіктіонів на Делосі у IV ст. до Р. Х. та їхня діяльність.

Ключові слова: Афіни; Делос; амфіктіонія; святилище Аполлона; амфіктіони; епіграфіка; звіти.

The article is devoted to the presence and activity of the Athenian officials amphictyons at the island of Delos in the IV century B. C. A brief digression history of earlier relationships with Athens and Delos sanctuary of Apollo is given. The origin of the title of this post is investigated. Some researchers believe that it is the desire of the Athenians to be patrons of the sanctuary, and recall the existence of an earlier archaic Amphictyony. Others say that this post is the innovation of Athens, and the Athenians themselves sought to create their own Amphictyony. The main duty of amphictyons was to maintain the temple treasury, loan debtors, issuing rent of temple lands and property. The main debtors of the temple were individuals, the neighboring cities and islands. It is proved that using it Athens controlled the Cycladic islands. In addition, the author considers the cases of delians’ resistance of the presence of Athenian Amphictyons at the island. In 314 B. C. Delos received its independence and control over the sanctuary of Apollo.

Keywords: Athens, Delos, amphictyony, sanctuary of Apollo, amphictyons, epigraphy, reports.


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