L. Fedyk Forms of Participation of Women in the National Liberation Movement OUN-UIA in the Territory Stanislav Region in 1941–1956 years

У статті класифіковано і проаналізовано функції, які виконували жінки в ОУН-УПА на території Станіславської обл.

Ключові слова: українська національно-визвольна боротьба; ОУН; УПА; Станіславська область; жінка; вишкіл.

The article describes the forms of participation of women in the OUN and UIA in the territory Stanislav region. Several specific documents OUN concerning women’s participation in the activities of the underground. The increase in the number of women in the national liberation movement UIA since 1944. Classified and analyzed the features that served women in OUN-UIA. Found that the insurgent movement involved women aged 15 to 21 years old and came from a peasant environment. Education of women defined their place in the ranks of the OUN-UIA — higher education made it possible to hold executive positions. It was concluded that the most effective was the work of women as propagandists, health professionals and liaison. Revealed that the underground activities included representatives of other nationalities. Followed reduction of 1946 the number of women in the insurgent movement. Established that the cause was a distrust of women among UPA leadership and change tactics.

Keywords: Ukrainian national liberation struggle, OUN; Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UIA), Stanislav region, women, instruction.


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