A. Smyshliak «Music of Silence»: Traditions of Church Music in Kyiv Monasteries (19th — Early 20th C t.)

У статті зроблено спробу проаналізувати церковно-музичну культуру київських монастирів ХІХ — початку ХХ ст. через призму сакрального простору кожної обителі в контексті історичного міста — Києва.

Ключові слова: монастир; розспів; аскетичні традиції; душпастирська діяльність; сакральний простір; богослужбовий спів.

This article attempts to analyze church musical culture of Kyiv monasteries during the 19th — early 20th ct. in the light of sacred space of every monastery in the space of the historic city Kyiv. We learnt the relationship between the social role of the monastery, its topos as part of the sacred hierarchy, ascetic traditions of prayer, pastoral activity and the system of liturgical life of the monastery. The main criterion of characteristic of the monastic liturgical life of the Kyiv monastery is the relationship of prayer experience, pastoral activities and chant system that is operating there and representing an indissoluble unity of life, singing and prayer. Singing as a service and a prayer but not an art is a metaphor of liturgical practice of Kyiv monastery as the incarnation of the New Jerusalem in the city walls. However some monasteries administrative role lets the secular artistic component enter there through educational activities, close relationship withhigher ecclesiastics system in the art of singing, which is creating a halo around the person of the patron.

Keywords: monastery, chant system, ascetic traditions, pastoral activity, sacred space, liturgical singing.


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