У статті висвітлюється історія функціонування на українських землях кадетських корпусів, розкриваються особливості їх навчально-виховного процесу. Розглянуто становлення кадетських корпусів у сучасній Україні.
Ключові слова: кадет, кадетський корпус, військова гімназія, підготовка офіцера.

The article analyzes the history of cadet corps in Ukraine during XIX — early XX centuries and in the present day. The attention is paid to a state policy aimed at increasing the number of military educational institutions and their role in officer training. The author investigates principles in the organization of training and educational system, describes various aspects of officers’ training. Cadet corps in modern Ukraine and general tendencies of state cadet training are considered. During the history cadet corps in Ukrainian lands large efforts were paid to training the officer stuff. Almost all representatives of the middle and higher officers of the Russian emperor’s army gained higher education exactly in these educational establishments. Certain part of the graduated students took part in creating Ukrainian military powers during 1917–1920. Also, previous experience of establishing Suvorov and Nakhimov schools during Soviet period is addressed. Consequently, educational principles of cadet corps passed a test by history, lead to the actuality, developed in the recent times and modernized in accordance with the requirements of contemporaneity.
Keywords: cadet, military college, military high school, training of officer.


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