У статті розглядаються причини поразки радянських військ в одній з найтрагічніших битв початку Великої Вітчизняної війни — Київської стратегічної оборонної операції.
Ключові слова: Київська стратегічна оборонна операція; Південно-Західний фронт; київський котел; група армій ≪Центр≫; Ставка верховного головнокомандування.

The article discusses the reasons for the defeat of the Soviet forces in one of the most tragic battles of the Great Patriotic War — Kiev strategic defense operations. The authors analyze the size of the forces, the actions of staff at the front on defense and response Betting Command. We consider the plans of the German command to destroy the Southwestern Front and Right-Bank Ukraine occupation that was supposed to be a springboard for further German advance into the Soviet Union. Particular attention is paid to the course of military operations and redeployment of armies to repel the attack of the German troops. Analyzes the actions of the Soviet command to divert troops due to multiple injuries. However, the ill-conceived action could not save the situation at the front. An assessment of the actions of the Soviet command, who failed to withdraw its troops from the environment and as a result, Kiev strategic defensive operation was the biggest disaster for the Red Army. Was completely destroyed by the South-Western Front. Came from the environment, only a small number of fighters and commanders.
Keywords: Kyiv strategic defensive operation, South-Western Front, the Kyiv cauldron, Army Group ≪Center≫, the Supreme Command.


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