В статті проаналізовано наукові здобутки, висвітлено життєвий шлях лауреата Нобелівської премії І. І. Мечникова.

Ключові слова: бактеріологія; імунолог; фізіолог; Нобелівська премія.

The materials from encyclopedic guides, scientific and journalistic works and period issues, author highlights the life of the founders of evolutionary embryology, immunology and microbiology I. I. Mechnikov are analized. Winner of theNobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in 1908 «by learning of the immune system», he was born in Ukraine. The author shows way of scientific which passed the sage of science world, focuses on the character traits of explorer: his agility, the ability to organize everything perfectly, skills generously share their opinions, create an atmosphere of close communication and retrieval of knowledge and truth, while remaining conservative worker, manager and man. The article highlight the scientific achievements of the Nobelist. Development of his theory of the germ layers, origin of multicellular organism, the discovery of phagocytosis and phagocytic theory of immunity. We can see the scientific work on problems of aging, death and «ortobioz». Mechnikov received numerous award and distinctions. He received a score value of scientific discovery scientist by his followers on a global level and their importance for the formation of a new generation of independent Ukraine.

Keywords: Bacteriology,immunologist, physiologist, Nobel Prize.


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