У статті розглядається соціально-політична роль боярських верств Київщини в період монгольської влади й приєднання краю до Великого князівства Литовського, тобто ХІІІ–ХІV ст.
Ключові слова: боярство; Київщина; монгольська влада; відносини з литовцями.

This article is an attempt of consideration of the boyar’s socio-political role in history of the Principality of Kyiv during period thinly represented in primary sources from the Mongolian rule up to annexation of this territory to the Great Princedom of Lithuania that is 13th — 14th centuries. Primary and secondary sources originated from different historical periods and countries were analysed, various scientific approaches are represented. Article is based on archaeological and annalistic sources. The conclusion is drawn that princes’ (kniaz) power was really limited, but local boyars practically didn’t lose their positions both in socio-economic and in politic life of the locals because of adapting to a new realities of everyday life. Especially in the time of the Lithuanian power. Perspectives of further research associated with rule of the Polish Kings on the territory of Galicia-Volynia are pointed out.
Keywords: the Boyars, the Principality of Kyiv, Mongolian rule, relationship with the Lithuanians.


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