В статті розглянуто заходи В. Чорновола з налагодження координації діяльності обласних рад західного регіону України.

Ключові слова: В. Чорновіл; Галицька асамблея; сесія; координація; рада.

In the article the measures of V. Chornovil are considered on adjusting of coordination of regional soviets activity of Ukrainian western region, in which the representatives of democratic block won on election in 1990. Speech goes about the reasons of this work initiator, features of preparation and lead through the general session of regional soviets, its results and consequences. Formation Galician Assembly was one of the most important events V. Chornovil among other various projects of directed at restoring the independence of the Ukrainian state, establishment the country’s democratic system, the formation of civil society. Questions about the features of creation, functioning and consequences of the existence of significant and social and political interest, it becomes the subject of statements by politicians. Despite to periodicity of mentions and called to Galician Assembly, is only single research about this formation. Also absent labor, which would have an analysis of V. Chornovil of establishing Galician Assembly. Therefore, this article attempts to highlight the ideas and actions of V. Chornovil concerning the necessity of formation and value of activity of the Galician Assembly.

Keywords: V. Chornovil, Galician Аssembly, session, coordination, advice.


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