How to publish

Requirements for the articles in the scientific journal “History pages”

The presented research papers to the editor should be determined by HAC of Ukraine  the following elements:

  1. High scientific level.
  2. Previously published research articles.
  3. The paper should contain the following elements:
    • problem definition and its relationship with important scientific and practical tasks;
    • analysis of recent research and publications which discuss this issue and are based on the author pointed unresolved aspects of the problem, which is devoted to this article;
    • formulation of the objectives of Article (problem);
    • summary of the main results with a new justification of scientific results;
    • conclusions resulting from the study and recommendations for further research in this area.

Articles should use Harvard referencing style. Detailed instruction is below.

For transliteration use the following services:

A sample of article structure:

  1. Cypher UDC (required)
  2. Surname and initials
  3. Title of article
  4. Summary in English (about 1000 characters)
  5. Keywords
  6. Full Text
  7. List of references

Separately provides information about the author: full name, academic degree, academic title, position, affiliation, phone number.  Authors are responsible for the content of the article, facts citations, dates, etc.

“History pages” has charges.

Payment for publishing articles from the calculation: a computer page – 40 (forty) UAH.
In calculating the breaking parameters specified in the requirements for registration of articles.

Payment is made after confirmation of the article’s acceptance. You should notify the editorial staff about payment, sending a scanned receipt.

For ease of payment, a card of Privatbank is used. Also, you can pay directly at the editorial office.